Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat.” Founded by Imi Lichtenfeld in the late 1940s, he developed the system and its principles for use in the Israeli military. The International Krav Maga Federation was founded with the blessing of Imi himself by Avi Moyal and has since gained global recognition. The IKMF provides world class training for Civilians, Law Enforcement & Military personnel and now specialises in Women’s, Kids and Adaptive self-defence training.
At KMWA we are consistently working towards bringing Expert and Global instructors to Perth to run seminars and give our students the best, most diverse training possible.


Krav Maga WA (KMWA) was founded with the vision of providing Perth with the best Krav Maga training possible. At Krav Maga WA we want you to feel empowered, capable, strong and ready for anything. As a member of the International Krav Maga Federation we offer high-quality self-defence training stemming back to the original source of Krav Maga. Our training caters to all levels of physical fitness and mental stamina and we encourage you to go beyond what you think you are capable of.